ApiAfrique Nappies

ApiAfrique nappies are made of 2 parts :

  • A waterproof cover with snaps to adjust the size
  • An organic cotton absorbant (insert)
  • Instructions: Place a clean absorbant in the cover, snap it for size 2 and 3 and place on your baby ! When it is time to change (usually about 3 hours later), only replace the absorbant in the cover (if still clean) and re-use.

Every part is washable and reusable about 400 times.

Easy to clean:

Get rid of the « poo » with the hand shower above the toilets and hand or machine wash the nappy (60°C max).
Don’t use to much soap and rince well to avoid build ups in the absorbant.

Dry in the sun

Re-use !
Last but not least: These nappies creat employement (made by women in Africa) and reduce waste (About 1 tonne for each baby)!

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