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“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

Every day, we meet amazing people in Senegal and elsewhere: entrepreneurs, associations, artists, foundations, and NGOs. A real pool of talents and actors of change. And the list of those we’d like to meet is still long! This gives us the energy and inspiration to progress and carry on developing ApiAfrique.

Yaay.sn is the first digital platform for connected mums in Senegal. It also represents a community of 25,000 mums. Its mission: develop a unique resource centre for parents in francophone Africa, provide help to parents, provide education about health, promote family unity.

Based in Dakar, Speak Up Africa is a non-profit organization of strategic communication dedicated to bring African leadership together, promote changes in politics and strengthen the public awareness around sustainable development in Africa.

The HEC incubator, is an initiative from the HEC business centre. Its goal is to provide support to 60 business projects per year, selected for their high economic, social, environmental, and technological impact, with entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to their activity.

Antropia, enables social businesses in France. Its mission is to give support to social or environmental businesses. Today, Antropia represents over 145 innovative projects in numerous domains.

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